Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Been A While Since I Rapped At Ya...

What's up, peeps?  My last update was in Nov 2009.  Nothing has happened between then and now, so don't sweat it.  That bruise pictured below got worse, though, and finally healed last week.

The comedy has been going swell.  In January I produced a show in the BR called "L is for Laughter," which went well enough despite inclement weather.  Both my Dad and my brother appeared in some of the promo videos, which were completely ridiculous.  Later in January (back in NYC), the three-year anniversary of Taint Comedy Great? (also my 30th bday celebration) was an insane blast--just a killer show.  Also, a few weeks ago I got to bring Janeane Garofalo to the stage at CSL, which was amazing.  Those weekly shows have been so badass.  My co-producer, Sean Patton, was actually on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and totally crushed.  After Sean's set, Fallon walked on to the stage and plugged the weekly show "Thursdays at Kabin in the East Village on Second Avenue and Fifth Street" or something to that effect.  Sweet.  Also, we have a new(er) promo video, a second one.  Check it out here.

Also, I got a Nintendo DS Lite for Xmas, and snow boots.  For one of the two I bought a cartridge to play downloaded/emulated games.  The modern equivalent of Tetris Attack?  Check.  The New Super Mario Bros?  Check.  Tetris DS?  Check. Modern Warfare 2!?!?  Check.  Not as good as say, XBox360 or PS3, but hey, beggars can't be whiney gamers.  Also, and don't judge me, but I loaded up the Little Mermaid game.  The game is fucking stupid, but I found this bit of dialogue hilarious:


Finally, this past Monday I hosted a benefit this past Saturday for my friend's theater company (and Haiti, too, via the Red Cross), ArtEffects.  I did my fifteen minutes on the front end and then hosted/emceed for like, five hours.  Great times, lots of exceptionally talented performers throughout the evening.  I was altered, for sure (especially by the end)... the lovely/talented photographer Whitney Arostegui was there snappin' some pics.  Here are two of me.

Cheers, folks!

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Whitney Arostegui said...

Not going to lie, I found this by googling myself. Thanks for the shoutout. Hope that all is well and that the comedy is still laugh-inducing.